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Teaching Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston

Project Description

Carlos Ortega, a leading Entrepreneurship professor with over 3,000 students annually was searching for a new media engaging way to educate his in-person and online students.  Additionally, he was looking for courseware that would enable him to easily adapt the content to his existing curriculum and provide insights into student behaviors and usage.

Key Challenges:


Finding fun and engaging video content with data insights to teach students the principles of entrepreneurship with relevant companies and inspiring entrepreneurs. 


Ensuring students complete their homework in a timely manner and provide professor insights into student progress and engagement.

Ease of Adoption

With nearly a thousand students in his first semester with G51 EDU, this professor needed to ensure that students would quickly and easily have access to the content required to complete their assignments.

Adaptability for Existing Curriculum

With only a few weeks before the semester, this professor needed a class resource solution that would quickly and easily fit into his current curriculum and pedagogy.  

G51 EDU, The Solution

G51 EDU’s interactive video content library of cases and entrepreneur interviews provided this professor with current, relevant, and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs making waves in the business world.  Our web-based learning management system (LMS) allowed the professor to quickly and easily onboard his students using a personalized link. This link was added to his syllabus and enabled students to quickly and effortlessly access his course’s content with the click of a button.  Additionally, G51 EDU’s LMS provided engagement insights for students that enabled him to track student progress throughout the semester, easily identifying students that were at a high risk of failure or dropping. Because he had adapted his in-person course online, it was imperative that the G51 EDU content and system provide an engaging and rich online learning experience.  He was able to quickly and easily leverage the G51 EDU instructor resources in creating a project that required students to follow the G51 EDU framework to create a 6-slide investor presentation.

The Outcome

The Professor successfully launched an engaging and relevant course module powered by G51 EDU.  Several hundred students experienced a quick and easy onboarding process with 100% up-time of the G51 EDU LMS.

Student metrics provided insights into student progress and engagement throughout the semester, which created student accountability.

The Professor was able to quickly and efficiently modify the existing G51 EDU resources to fit his existing curriculum and advance his efforts of providing a fun and engaging online learning experience at scale.

Professor Carlos Ortega
Spring 2020

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